Meet The Team

At Red Seal Heating and Cooling, we pride ourselves on being a true family-owned and operated company. We began operation in 2019 with our mission being to provide high-quality HVAC service at a fair and direct price.

Our company is helmed by a father-son technician duo, with the rest of the family taking care of the behind the scenes operation. Keep reading if you'd like to know more about us!

Our Technicians

Lyle Boudreau

Lead Technician

He is a journeyman with 20+ years of experience in residential, commercial, and industrial HVAC/R. He strongly believes in treating each customer like family and providing exceptional service at a fair price. Also a professional nap-taker and dad-joke king.

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Austin Boudreau

Apprentice Technician

The giant baby of the family. He started his apprenticeship training through his high school's RAP program. He's currently working under his dad as Red Seal's first apprentice in both residential and commercial HVAC. Is also learning from his dad in the art of nap-taking.

Support Staff

Elsie Boudreau

Financial Handler & Book Keeper

She handles all aspects of bookeeping and finances, and occasionally runs supply refills for the technicians. She reckons herself the matriarch of the family, but she's too short to be imposing.

Dylan Boudreau

Digital Media Specialist

He runs all the digital media for Red Seal. Everything from our logo, social media pages, ads, and even this website. He studied game design and animation. He sees helping out the family business as as a stepping stone to larger, more ambitious projects. Will destroy you in Tetris.